of the black secrets of opulence.


EMBRACE "the" TEACHINGS - stop swallowing shit and start dishing it out - ENHANCE YOUR LIFE AND DEATH

abandon your green - obey your hate

jesus loves you - beware of god




In this world of stench, you are one of the “infirmed”. You have no trout. You have negative green. You do not have the inner eye to obtain the opulence that is truly owed to you. To achieve what you must desire, one must first become the degenerate that is sited within oneself. On your path to the degenerate mind that you were born to possess, one must comprehend and embrace the LAW OF XIII. One must stare deep into the crack house and return adjusted. The truth is on the screen – it MUST be carefully observed in order to achieve the true mind of stench. Abandon your green – Donate your soul – Purchase the garbage - become a “degenerate”.




The “degenerate” is a creature that sees the real message that is force fed to the infirmed. The “degenerate” has the counteractive strategic method that will undermine the ways of the savage. The “degenerate”, by law, subjects the “infirmed” to visions of the subliminal. BRICK OVER BRAUN is the way of the “degenerate”. The “degenerate” shall produce the green by any resource necessary. The “degenerate” preserves the law of XIII by sale of truth in the form of garbage. The “degenerate” is your ally and will be rewarded.




The “Inhaler” knows the black secrets of opulence. The “Inhaler” dines on smoke, fire, and crimson panties. The “Inhaler” wants for not. The “Inhaler” possesses the eyes of acid. Enlightenment and fortune engulf the “Inhaler” in every aspect of reality. The “Inhaler” deals not with “savages” that decompose this society. The “Inhaler” is eternally surrounded in the “green” and will rise to the plateau of superiority.


SUBMIT and let The Black Satan lead you down the path of the YETI to truly expand your retribution and opulence. The choice is yours – make the right one.








“WOW, what can I say. After joining the Church of BLACK SATAN and becoming an Inhaler, I got a six figure job and a boat. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH THIS DEAL!!!!”



Abe W.

Billford, MO

“Thanks again for the home made bong directions. You made the baptism “after party” one not to remember”

Larry F.

Canton, NY

"I bought 3 shirts and got laid at the beach. WHAT A DEAL!!"


Gary R.

Redding, AL

"Laid back watching Crack House Theater. Doesn't get better. I love the video of the man who screwed his lawn furniture."


Walter Z.

Ft. Walton, FL

"Thanks for the green. The congregation changed my mind. Thank god for Satan."


Beth S.

Lubbock, TX

"Dude, the Blacklung shirt helped me find the "blast" bass that I need to get the band pussy. Fuck'in killer. HAIL BLACK SATAN!!!


Darrin "the hammer"

Norton, AZ

"Becoming an Inhaler gave me the wisdom to pass the piss test. Making $98,566 a year. Thanks Black Satan."



Mike T.

San Juan, CA

"After being an Inhaler for 2 years I have a hard time choosing what I want to drive to work. The Church of Black Satan works for me. Thanks again."


Trent L.

Miami, FL

"Hail Black Satan, Hail Black Satan, Hail Black Satan! Come grab on my green."


Terrie P. and Heather W.

Newton, MS

"I traded a Thank God For Satan shirt for gallon of Wild Turkey and a loose ride. I am the degenerate, give me your green."


Greg D.

New Orleans, LA

"Nothing but PUSSY up on my shit. Thank god for Satan."


Jarvis C


"Thank you for getting me my dream job at waste water treatment plant. You'll be getting my green."


Kathy M.

Indianapolis, IN

"The cash from the sale of my neighbor's bike got me the green for the smoke of clarification. The Law of XIII changed my life"


Vincent M.

Vidor, TX

"I love my new car!!!!!! I owe you a ride for making me an Inhaler."


Lori K.

Anarc, NC

"Thank you for the abduction. I owe you for the introduction."


Lance D

Branton, KY

"Fuck'in A!!!! I traded 2 Blacklung shirts and 1 Thank God for Satan shirt for this awesome ride. Thanks Black Satan."


Steve R

Eugine, OR

" I now accept all forms of payment. Thanks for the advice. Black Satan rules."


Diane A

Ft. Walton, FL

" I bought the Bumper stickers for my grandson and won this bike at Bingo. I love you Black Satan."


Libby J

Knox, OH

" I love the degenerates. Call 1-900-WET-CATT Give me your green."


"Sticky" Vicky B.

Enid, OK

"Thanks again for the Record deal Black Satan. The Law of XIII will always rule the Tar Leg Band."


Tar Leg Band

Minot, ND

"After selling the Thank God for Satan gear for 6 months, I was able expand my shoe collection. Thank you Black Satan for giving me the goods."


Trisha T.

Cherry Mills, PN

"Thanks again for the hot trout my man. She hits the hot spot and never monkey lips the green."


Norman F.

Joliet, IL

"Thanks for hooking me up with carrot head. You're the man!!! Great Party."


Lowell G.

Yamika, WA

"The Law of XIII is Great. It got my neighbor into anal. Thanks Black Satan."

Chad K.

Redding, CA

"Just got signed on for a 10 gig tour. The Blacklung hook up really helped. Thanks Black Satan."



Gallup, NM

"Drank the acid. Smoked the whiskey. Got the green. Got the fuck out. Great advice, thanks."


David E.

Provo, UT

"The Inhaler always gets the fly ride. Abandon your green, enhance your life."


Lenny R.

Bullhead City, CA

"I have embraced the river of smoke and enslaved the eyes of acid, THANK GOD FOR SATAN."


Roland H.

Macon, GA

"Degenerates for sale. Give me your green."


Sisters of the Black Satan

Portsmouth, KY

"Love the shirts. Fight the SAVAGES"


Ruban C.

New York, NY

" Buy the merch. and Join the Church. THE BEST DEAL AROUND."


Vince G.

Trenton, NJ

"I made $8,000 a week last year. The Black Satan merchandise sells itself. Thank God for Satan."


Howard E.

Slate, WV

"Obey your hate - enhance your life. Thank you Black Satan"


Sal V.

Johnson City, KY

"7 Bumper stickers got me this hook up. Can't wait to read your book."


Ronald H.

Cape Coral, FL

"Thanks for the bike Blackie. If you wanna ride call 1-976-MUD-RIDE. Give me your green."


Lola W.

Pierre, SD

"I gave her a sticker, I got blown in the bathroom. I owe you one B.S."


Bruce H.

Farmington, NM

"The videos WILL change your mind"


Lester A.

Sandy, UT

"Thanks for buying the book."


Orlando J.

Dayton, OH

"Being an Inhaler has its benefits. Backstage passes to the Fishneck concert. Hail Satan!!!"


Fred & Laura L.

Greeley, CO

"After learning the Law of XIII, I can drink 4 times longer"


Milford G.

Blithe, AZ

"Fight the mud sharks and shoot the savages. HAIL BLACK SATAN."


Leslie P.

High Point, NC

"Three years of selling Black Satan gear will provide the enlightenment and fortune to engulf the inhaler."


Andrew F.

Spring Hill, FL

"17 three-ways in 14 days. Thank you Black Satan"


Melvin P.

Plainview, TX

"I traded A Blacklung shirt for this bad ass camera. Fuck yes!!!"


Robin M.

Flagstaff, AZ

"Thanks again for the advice. Fuck that 7 - 10 split."


Wang J.

Oxnard, CA

"Submit to the will of the Yeti. Give me your green."


Nikki G.

New Orleans, LA

"Thou Shall NOT Swim!!!!!"


Jack G.

Enid, OK

"Thanks again for the Midget Porn"


Darrell B.

Longbow, OH